Why is Epigenetics the Future of Medicine?

Genetics is like the software on your computer. Epigenetics, affected by your environment, selects which programs are opened and running in the fore and backgrounds.

The control of food and the loss of your health

The for profit loss of your health. Radical increases of autism and cancer. If you or a government actually acting in your best interest, cannot control your food, you are out of control of your health.

This includes the ingredients of your ingredients. Foods may look and sometimes even taste superficially the same, but the actual chemical makeup makes a huge difference.

"Residents who live near fields sprayed with pesticides have a 75% increased rate of Parskinson's disease"

Parkinson's disease (PD) has epigenetic factors that influence changes in the nervous system. Epigenetic changes result in defective methylation of genes leading to differential gene-expression causing Parkinsons.

It's not just your genetic code - it's how, when and where you use it